7 Days of Food Freedom by Hello Beautiful Health

Your e-swag is here!

If you're in the U.S., you should already have your planner(s) and little swag bag! If you're further away, your package should be there soon!

Thanks to Hello Beautiful Health, you're getting their "7 Days of Food Freedom" e-book for free (normally $7)!  Please remember that this is part of your swag bag and be mindful of sharing the e-book with others. To make it easier to access for you, we created this page and it will be up for 30 days (until October 7, 2016). Please download before that date. Most of all, enjoy this e-book as part of your self-care journey and wellness practices!

Thank you again for supporting us on Kickstarter! Looking forward to hearing about your experience using the e-book and Cogtoolz Planner!

 CLICK HERE (or the picture below) TO DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK