Information for Teens

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Teen Mental Health Apps to Check Out:

Operation Reach Out- Consisting of a multitude of short videos, this app is for those who are concerned about their mental health and those who are concerned about the mental health of others. 

Mindshift- Geared towards teens with anxiety and depression, Mindshift gives advice for specific situations in which teens may feel anxious and experience social anxiety.

Pacifica- Made for teens with depression, this app's motto is "One day at a time. One moment at a time." 

SAM (Self- Help for Anxiety Management)- Much like Mindshift, Sam is made for individuals experiencing social anxiety. 


Shout Out To...

Self Care Zine for blogging and re-blogging awesome self-help tools and images like this one:


Teen Positivity on Instagram for reminding us to think before we act because there is so much to live for:


Lorna Jane Active for inspiring and motivating people every day:

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