Thought Records and Thought Tracking Tools

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Thoughts Records and Thought Tracking forms can be helpful in changing your automatic thoughts towards a healthier way of thinking. Here's an example of a Thought Record from 

A Thought Tracking form is like a simplified Thought Record. Write down a thought, how it makes you feel, identify the thinking error, then balance the thought. A balanced thought does not have to go from negative to absolutely positive. It just has to be more realistic.


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What are thinking errors? They are inaccurate thoughts, which usually reinforces negative thinking or emotions (also known as cognitive distortions).These thinking errors become habits, which are deeply ingrained. But luckily, like any habit, you can change your pattern of thinking through awareness and practice. Below are common thinking errors. Feel free to share! 


Here's an ID CARD you can keep with you to keep your thoughts in check!

Sources: Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, David Burns, M.D.