Social Media: #selfcare Series


In 2015, one of my colleagues founded Cogtoolz, a company that creates academic and wellness planners which include tools from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in their design.


One of the self-care tools that Cogtoolz uses is called GRAPES. GRAPES is an acronym that stands for these categories:

  • Gentle with self
  • Relaxation
  • Accomplishment
  • Pleasure
  • Exercise
  • Social

GRAPES can help make feeling good a daily habit. It serves as a simple reminder to take steps towards physical activity (exercise), commit to completing a task whether big or small (accomplishment), interact with one person or more (social), etc.

It can be helpful for people dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, or anyone looking for some balance in their daily routine.



I wanted to show examples of how GRAPES can be used in daily life and thought about creating an image series called “#selfcare.” I used Canva to add the text. All of the images were ones I had taken and were already stored on my computer.

These images (or similar ones) were initially posted on Instagram, but I plan to post them and later additions to the Cogtoolz Tumblr with more details as a caption.


  • In hindsight, I don’t think the hashtags (#cogtoolz and #grapestool) at the bottom are needed since Instagram and Tumblr incorporate tags into their captions. I might remove these.
  • In lieu of #cogtoolz, I could include the logo instead.


This post is originally posted by Tiffany Lagare on Context and Conditions.

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