Our busy lives, often times, don’t allow us to see the greatness of our accomplishments. In our daily runs for checking tasks off of our due lists and being bombarded with reminder messages from our coworkers, friends and family members of more to do lists, we forget the simple recognition of who we are and what we have already achieved just this very day.

We compare and contrast and compete and convince ourselves that we have not done enough! The spiral of not doing enough turns into not being enough, leaving us with a mentally exhaustive state of loneliness, disappointment, frustration, and hopelessness.

What if for a moment we step back and take a break? What if the thought of not being enough is just a story created based on everyone’s expectations of us and who we should be? What if we are not just good enough but great! Gratitude is the simple realization and appreciation of our greatness with all the flaws, all the imperfections, who we are or are not. Feeling grateful for whatever exists in this very moment and whoever you are in this very moment cultivates happiness, optimism and empathy! Practice this every day and see how much more energetic you feel each day!

Let’s start now:
What are you grateful for today?!

Written by Paddy

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