Keep it Simple

“Doing GRAPES every day seems so overwhelming!”

You can start your daily GRAPES with very simple tasks. With time, you’ll progress and aim to do more. Eventually, you might even start doing GRAPES every day, naturally. Start somewhere. Start easy. If you’re having difficulty getting out of bed or out of the house, here’s an example of some tasks to get you going:

G – Forgive yourself for something

R – Tense and relax your muscles while in bed

A – Grab the mail from outside

P – Listen to a favorite song, or sing it yourself

E – Do some stretches in bed

S – Wave hello to (or smile at) a neighbor

Think: Action over Motivation. Sometimes waiting for the motivation, keeps us at a stand-still.

Once you start to do some of these things, even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll start to increase your energy, improve your mood, and gain back some enjoyment that you may have lost. It may take some time to do all your GRAPE tasks each day and move on to more challenging tasks. If you can start simple and keep it realistic, you’ll start to feel changes within yourself soon enough.

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